DVTA WINTER PARTY 2012 – by Carlota Dalziel

This year DVTA’s Winter Bruch Party was held on February 26 at Xilantro Fine Mexican Cuisine & Tequila Bar in Wayne, PA.  The event was hugely successful, both from a net-working and culinary point of view, with 77 attendees who filled the venue to capacity.

DVTA’s  President elect, Tony Guerra,  welcomed the guests thanking them for  their solidarity with fellow translators and interpreters in a  celebration of our noble profession. Tony underlined DVTA’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and to the professional development of  DVTA members. He added that that the association’s goal is to support our profession, which continues to evolve and gain global recognition, becoming one of the fastest growing careers in the nation. DVTA’s mission is to empower its members by providing them with the tools and the information needed to succeed in their chosen career. Following this, DVTA’s Board of Directors and committee chairs, members and volunteers were acknowledged and introduced to the audience.  They were warmly thanked for their contributions towards making DVTA’s  2011 events  so successful.

Tony explained that as part of  meeting DVTA’s goal to empower successful professionals, the organization has put together programs, seminars and events in response to members’ requests and provided the means to keep up to date with the current trends in technology and the industry. DVTA seminars deal with diverse, relevant issues, enjoying a high turnout both from translators and from interpreters.

Of special interest in DVTA’s activity in 2011, Tony added,  was an invitation from  the Philadelphia Bar Association to consult their Language Access Task Force, and DVTA is also teaming up with Judge Ida Chen and the Philadelphia First Judicial Court to collaborate in a year long Legal Interpreter Shadowing Program. A number of follow-up meetings have taken place and the shadowing program is due to start very shortly. Tony Guerra also mentioned a few of the proposed programs for 2012, to whit: Interpretation Equipment Orientation and Training: a Technology Crash Course (not all interpreters are  well trained in the use of interpreting equipment). The use of equipment for conference interpreting will be included as part of the course. Experts will be speaking on acquiring dexterity in this field as well as offering practical demonstrations in the use of the equipment.

Seminars will include Translation software Demos, CAT tools, “Medical Acuity” tests for medical interpreting, business skills and negotiation skills, to mention just a few. Guests were invited to check out DVTA’s new website, which is really stunning.

To round off the welcome, board member Carlota Dalziel  presented  a “baby gift” to Gabriela Jenicek, one of DVTA’s Directors, who had three weeks ago welcomed a third baby. The high light of the brunch was a special presentation to Anne Connor, outgoing president of DVTA, for nine  excellent years of outstanding service. Board member Maria Weir and Tony Guerra presented Anne with the gifts which included a bound book with photographs of Anne participating in DVTA events throughout the years as well as messages of gratitude from members who had known her well. Anne was also presented with a gift certificate to one of her favorite stores. The event came to a close with warm applause.

Carlota Dalziel, DVTA Board Member, Federally Certified Spanish Court Interpreter


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