Spring into Action 2015 – Planting the Seeds of Professional Success for Language Interpreters and Translators April 25 and 26, 2015 – La Salle University By Carlota Dalziel



How best to put words to this experience? A weekend treat, both from the intellectual and social angles. Two days dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in an atmosphere of great camaraderie and a “je ne sais quoi” difficult to express in writing. The conference was well attended. There were 133 guests. The speakers were impressive and the wide variety of the themes they covered appealed to both interpreters and translators. Food and drinks served were first class and contributed to a feeling of contentment. No wine, alas! The good stuff, though, flowed generously at the dinners on both days. The one offered at Rosa Blanca in Old City on Saturday evening was followed by a guided tour of historic old city graciously given by Donna Jarvela, Conservator and Restorer of the Cultural and Art Heritage. It proved especially informative to the out-of-town folk, as well as to the visiting speakers. The optional evening activities were superbly organized by Armando Ezquerra Hasbun. DVTA Program Chair Maria Weir did a wonderful job at organizing the dinner at Rosa Blanca as well as selecting the menus for all the meals enjoyed throughout the weekend. She was assisted by Program Co-Chair Carlota Dalziel.

Together with ATA’s Spanish Division the DVTA excelled at putting on this outstanding event, to which the Hispanic Institute of La Salle University contributed by providing a great venue, as well as the coffee break refreshments.

It would make for too lengthy an article to detail all the sessions open to the attending public. A few of the speakers, though, are worth mentioning here. James Plunkett, Coordinator of Interpreter Services and of the Language Access Program of the District of Columbia Courts, Matthew Schlecht, scientific medical translator, Armando Ezquerra Hasbun, certified by the Federal Courts, NAJIT and by ATA in the English › Spanish language pair, Anthony Rivas, core faculty at the University of Arizona’s Agnese Haury Institute and Antonio Martin from Spain, a Spanish Philology specialist from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Other outstanding presenters were Heidi Cazes Sevilla, Leticia Molinero, Izaskun Orkwis, Gabriela Jenicek, Doborah Saldaña, Renee Wulf, Rudy Tellez, Georganne Weller, Virginia Valencia, Rudy Heller and Marian Greenfield (former ATA President from 2005 to 2007). DVTA President, Antonio Guerra, also gave an informative presentation on The Power of Collective Engagement. Intensive skill-building workshops were also offered to both translators and interpreters. One of particular interest given by Armando Ezquerra Hasbun was titled “The Subtle Art of Transcreation.” This author found it inspiring and thought-provoking, being a subject rarely touched upon in similar seminars. Transcreation is a term used chiefly by advertising and marketing professionals to refer to the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. As a working interpreter, this author was keenly interested in the workshop, where successful interpretation was defined as the art of accurately conveying meaning and “evoking the same emotions and carrying the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language.”


Another story that merits a special mention was one brought up by Anne Connor, DVTA secretary and former president. It happened at one of the final sessions on Sunday with the Panel of Experts on Translation -which ran right into the Translation Roundtable. Giovanna Lester was moderating a panel formed by Kirk Anderson, Marian Greenfield, Antonio Martin, Anthony Rivas and Anne Connor. I quote Anne: “When an audience member asked a question about proofreading/editing one’s own work, Antonio Martin preferred to answer in Spanish. Gio then asked if there were any non-Spanish speakers in the room. Three interpreters from the School District of Philadelphia (two Khmer and one Mandarin) raised their hands. At that, Rudy Heller hopped out of his chair in the front row and crouched behind the three interpreters, simultaneously and flawlessly interpreting every word that came out of Antonio Martin’s mouth, as well as a follow-up comment from another audience member who preferred to tell her story in Spanish because of the poorly translated Spanish words she’d seen at a doctor’s office. It really summed up the spirit of the whole weekend!” End of quote.

Armando Ezquerra Hasbun ably chaired Spring into Action, assisted by the DVTA board and Francesca Samuel, head of ATA’s SPA. A very effective team indeed. Comments on the seminar have been pouring in. Here are a few:

“You deserve a standing ovation for the amazing conference” (Sylvia Castellanos). “I finally learned how I can actually practice to improve my skills, rather than just have all the material thrown at me and then just be told, go home and practice.” (Christina Verduin). “Tony, Armando, Anne, Maria and Carlota went over, above and beyond what was expected of them, in making things work so smoothly … What an experience! A success at all levels: the welcome, details, preparation, selection of speakers, attendees, location… weather too!”(Gio Lester). “I had a great time; made new acquaintances, renewed old ones, and learned more about the interpreter business than I have been able to glean in all my previous years. I also appreciated the chocolate and cookies in the goodie bag that I was given after the sessions on Saturday! Someone knows about my sweet tooth!” (Matthew Schlecht). Each speaker at the seminar received a goodie bag.

IMG_2870 (1)

On Sunday afternoon before the roundtable sessions, and outside in the pleasant sunny weather, a musical group spontaneously came together and delighted attendees with an impromptu concert. Many in the audience joined in the singing with gusto. DVTA member and First Judicial District of Philadelphia staff interpreter, Javi Aguilar, had brought his guitar and other musical instruments. Once he got started it didn’t take long before people were singing and dancing along with him! James Plunkett from the Washington, D.C. courts joined in and played on Javi’s guitar with great enthusiasm. Javi also played wooden flutes while a few from the public provided the percussion, using Javi’s Costa Rican shells to great effect. This joyous display of talent will no doubt be fondly remembered by performers and audience alike.

The last Sunday event was held at Olney 100. A round table with a panel of experts had been invited by DVTA for the occasion. The panel members were James Plunkett, from the DC Superior Courts, The Honorable Ida K. Chen, from the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania (a frequent guest at DVTA events), and Mr.Osvaldo Aviles, from the Administrative Office of the Courts of PA. It turned out to be a very lively and informative session, with a brisk exchange of questions and answers on the latest issues in the field of interpretation. Judge Chen’s lively contribution was inspiring, best expressed in the words of Tony Guerra, DVTA’s president “Thank you for lending your phenomenal presence, wit and wisdom to contribute to the success of our event. It was encouraging and thrilling to have experienced so many individuals gathered with the common goal of quality, skill and ethics in language access and so fitting to have you and Osvaldo in our midst.”

A delicious dinner on Sunday night at Tierra Colombiana brought to a close an unforgettable seminar. There was definitely a “je ne sais quoi” to this event, and I don’t mind repeating myself! Thank you DVTA! Thank you ATA SPD! Thank you La Salle Hispanic Institute! The successful outcome was the earned reward. An appreciated parting touch was a free headshot offered to all attendees by the team of professional photographers in charge of photographing the group at closing on Sunday. All good things come to an end…

DVTA Luncheon Gala – Cabrini College – Sunday, March 22, 2015 By: Carlota Dalziel


The event went swimmingly. With 120 members in attendance and 25 language pairs represented the luncheon was a winner. DVTA Secretary Anne Connor, assisted by her daughter Jackie and DVTA member Eileen Haag, welcomed the guests as they arrived. Members were greeted by rousing music that firmly set the festive mood in the charming Tudor setting of The Woodcrest Mansion at Cabrini College. Plants on every table and flower vases filled with spring daffodils arranged throughout the rooms further enhanced the beauty of the venue.  Guests were encouraged to mark their country of origin with drawing pins on a large map set up in the main lounge. The map soon became a mass of brightly colored dots that sent many a member scurrying around the rooms in search of an unknown countryman.


Program co-chairs Maria Weir and Carlota Dalziel opened the event and gave guests a warm welcome. Each sponsor was introduced and recognized with enthusiastic applause. The sponsors were: La Salle University, represented by Dr. Carmen Lamas, Cross Cultural Communications, represented by Michelle Gallagher, Magna Voce, represented by Maria Perez-Chambers and Catalina Natalini and Accent Interpreting, represented by Gilbert Ruiz.

Next, DVTA President, Tony Guerra, welcomed the guests and introduced the board members. He went on to invite participants to register for the DVTA and ATA Spanish Division April seminar Spring into Action to be held at La Salle University on April 25 and 26. One of the main organizers of the event, Armando Esquerra Hasbun, was introduced as the person who would respond to any questions on the seminar. Early birds would get a special discount, and those registering at the luncheon itself would get an additional discount. Armando’s information table was kept very busy throughout the afternoon with registrants signing up and making their choices regarding seminar sessions.


The food can only be described as exquisite, and the service (drinks and lunch), as first class.  There were three different hot and cold food stations. Another one offered soft drinks and wine, and yet another tempted everyone with delicious desserts. Coffee and tea was available throughout the afternoon. The way the stations were placed in different spots throughout the spacious and well-appointed rooms enabled guests to circulate, mingle and avoid long waits and jams. Tables were set for lunch but this didn’t stop most guests from getting up to freely move around the rooms and effectively network.

The event wound up way beyond the intended time of 3pm. There were closing remarks by Tony Guerra, who thanked the guests for coming and encouraged them to attend the next DVTA event in April. Armando Hasbun briefly outlined the plans for the Spring into Action seminar, which promises to be a big success.


Spring Into Action 2015


Planting The Seeds of Professional Success
for Language Interpreters and Translators



The Hispanic Institute at La Salle University, the Delaware Valley Translators Association and the Spanish Language Division of the American Translators Association welcome you to historic Philadelphia for an unprecedented professional event to start, launch and guide your career to new heights in the language field. Join us on this productive weekend!

Skills-building and informational sessions will help you plan and plant the seeds to grow your career well into the future. The path to the next level starts here: Get serious about getting that certification. Get ready to add a new skill to your existing talents. Get informed about the evolution of our field and position yourself accordingly. Get the CEUs you need from the experts. Get good answers, new solutions and sound advice. Get connected with great people. All in a great cosmopolitan city.

General Sessions last 90 minutes and are open to all. They provide an introduction and overview of general topics. See what’s new in CAT tools for translation. Find new ways of supplementing your income. Learn about judicial ethics, financial translation, how to take and use notes in consecutive interpreting, and how to manage the business side of your business. During the Q&A section, you can pose questions to panels of renowned experts in translation and interpretation. They will also address and debate issues of interest to the profession. Come listen and let your voice be heard.

Workshops last 3 hours, require pre-registration, and are limited to 24 participants. They are intensive, interactive sessions that afford the opportunity to develop and polish specific skills through practical exercises. Cement or refresh your basic interpreting skills. Review effective techniques for perfecting your craft. Learn about the art of transcreation. Find out how to prepare for the ATA certification exam. Determine how to research and deploy appropriate terminology. Take away insights that will promote your growth.

Whether you are a budding linguist or an accomplished practicing language consultant, you will find valuable insights. Come learn, connect and grow with fellow language professionals attending non-language specific sessions. Interact with notable leaders of the industry; enjoy the company of dear colleagues and the joy of making new friends amongst your peers in a world-class destination with impressive architecture, a vibrant culture, plus great shopping and cosmopolitan dining.

Bring your résumé and your business cards or learn how to create them. Have a formal photograph taken to raise your profile on social media. Decide which professional examination to master next, and how.

You can attend one day or invest your time in both. Special hotel packages and extra optional group activities will be available. There are ATA, DVTA member and student discounts for full-weekend attendees.


Heidi Cazes Sevilla

Marian Greenfield

Armando Ezquerra Hasbún

Rudy Heller

Antonio Martín

Leticia Molinero

Izaskun Orkwis

James Plunkett

Anthony Rivas

Matthew Schlecht

Rudy Téllez

Virginia Valencia

Georganne Weller

Full Weekend Seminar has been approved for 10 ATA Continuing Education Points and up to 12 AOPC CEUs, which include 1.5 AOPC CEUs for the Interpreter Ethics Session (Certified PA Court Interpreters must submit pre-approval request and show proof of attendance after the seminar).

Have comments? Questions? Suggestions?

Write: aehasbun@gmail.com

For More Information and to register, click here:https://www.regonline.com/springintoaction2015

PLEASE NOTE: Current, paid DVTA members may enter the 10% discount code DVTA at checkout. Students may enter the 20% discount code STUDENT at checkout and will be required to show their student ID card when checking in at the event.

This spring, success is in, and you are cordially invited to start it all up!

See you in April!

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DVTA Annual Luncheon Gala

Mansion at Cabrini College

Mansion at Cabrini College


You’re invited!

DVTA Annual Luncheon Gala – Sunday, March 22, 2015 from 12-3 PM

The Woodcrest Mansion at Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

The Mansion will once again provide a sophisticated Elizabethan Tudor backdrop for the DVTA Luncheon Gala. Join us for a unique networking event that will bolster your professional credibility. This time we intend to further facilitate interaction between members and guests. Wind your way through four chef-tended action stations, artfully created by the magic of Flavours by Sodexo:

*A Mexican Tapas Station with its Cochinita Pibil over white rice with pickled red onions and tortilla strips.
*A French Tapas Station with a delicious Salmon Niçoise Salad, spinach and Gruyere quiche.
*A Middle Eastern Action Station and its offering of humus pita with Israeli couscous salad.

All these enticing dishes you may wash down with your choice of wine or a variety of soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee.

In order to make this gourmet luncheon more affordable to our individual members, the following DVTA Corporate Members have graciously stepped forward for partial sponsorship: Accent Interpreting LLC; Cross Cultural Communications, the Hispanic Institute at La Salle University and Maga Voce Interpreter Education.












Date: Sunday, March 22, 2015         Time: 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM
Price: $40.00 (Tax & Gratuity included)

Questions?  Call Maria at 610-745-4919 or Carlota at (484) 437-2453


DSCN8126                      by Carlota Dalziel

With 109 guests in attendance the DVTA Winter Networking Luncheon took place on Sunday, February 10. It turned out to be a resounding success. The venue was at Yangming, a first class Chinese restaurant in Bryn Mawr, and a fitting place for the date it was held:  the Chinese New Year. Opening the event, DVTA President- Tony Guerra – welcomed the guests and gave a comprehensive description of the latest seminars and activities planned for 2013. He invited attendees to sign up for the various events that are to take place throughout the year. Three outstanding programs are being offered, one of which is an introduction to Sim-Consec interpretation mode presented by a distinguished speaker, Esther Navarro-Hall. She will introduce the digital recording pen, a tool which is taking the interpretation world by storm. Back by popular demand will be the very successful 2012 seminar on the latest technology for Conference Interpreters, as well as advanced, hands-on on Trados and Word-Fast for translators by Rosalie Wells.

DVTA had full use of the second floor of the restaurant, which included a bar area where drinks and munchies were served before the meal. After appetizers, guests were entertained with a tango show performed by a dance couple. The rest of the sit down banquet was delicious and plentiful. Guests stood up between courses and lively interacted among themselves.  It was a perfect blend of networking and socializing.  All were invited to put pen to paper and jot down ideas and needs on a number of subjects that the DVTA could take up to better serve its members.

The attendees’ comments and interests included: Billing and invoices, services, such as D&B Services, to be used by interpreters whose clients’ payments are past due, a wish to better be informed about local translation agencies and their specialties , a request for seminars on Medical Interpreting, online discussions via Twitter, daily newsletter publication via Twitter, groups to share multilingual terms per specialty, resources for languages of limited diffusion , career paths, webinars on dictionaries and glossaries, to name just a few.

A few of the agencies represented were Heron Quality Translations, CETRA Language Solutions, Language Services Associates, Language Services Consultants, Phoenix Language Services , Para-Plus Translations and Quantum Translations. La Salle University’s Hispanic Institute  was represented by Dr. Carmen Lamas  and Margarita Mirkil was there from La Comunidad Hispana in Kennett Square, PA. At least 20 languages were represented at this very vibrant event. The sit down banquet had been planned to stretch from 12noon until 3:00pm, but it wasn’t till 4:00pm that all guests had finally left the restaurant.