Winter Luncheon 2014







Despite the possibility of snow and the certitude of a difficult drive due to those dreadful pot holes on the roads, over 100 people attended the Winter DVTA luncheon on Sunday March 9 at the Woodcrest Mansion (Cabrini College).

After a brief introduction by our President, Tony Guerra, the event sponsor, Frederick Marx from capiche, gave us his vision for the Mobile Interpreting Platform his company offers. Then Maria Weir, Anne V.B. Connor and Carlotta Dalziel, briefly but clearly, summarized the events organized by the DVTA the previous year and gave us an advance of the upcoming workshops and activities.

I will only mention two here:

You can see many more by visiting our calendar page.

As I expected I had the pleasure of talking with colleagues of old or new acquaintance and enjoying a French Theme buffet and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance by RoomMagdaliz and Her Latin Ensemble Crisol.

Their songs sent me back to another time, another world, and for a too short while I forgot the cold and the snow waiting outside.

Thank you so much to the organizers for all their hard work!

3 Exciting News!

# 1 DVTA is happy to announce that we are back on with our blog after we experienced some technical difficulties!

# 2 DVTA is hosting a Patent Translation Seminar & 2011 Annual Business Meeting / Networking Event. Please see the next blog more info!

# 3 Last but not least: The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated a growth of over % 20 for translators and interpreters in the period of 2008 – 2018! These are exciting news! For more info, continue reading the next blogs!