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DVTA members, Yong Mei Li and Anne Connor with a student at the Lansdale Catholic High School Fair on January 12.

DVTA members, Yong Mei Li and Anne Connor with a student at the Lansdale Catholic High School Fair on January 12.

What do you want to do when you grow up? is a question children are asked repeatedly. Even as they reach their senior year of High School, only a few know the answer. That’s why Career Days like the one held in Lansdale Catholic High School last January 12 are so important to help them choose a career path.

Two DVTA members, Anne V. B. Connor (translator) and Yong Mei Li (interpreter), were at the School Fair in Lansdale this year to share with the students their experience and, also, their enthusiasm for our profession.

Both are featured and quoted in an article that appeared in the Reporter on January 13 (

In her quote, Anne emphasizes the importance of following your passion while Li suggests to shadow a professional in your career of choice for a day to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

I totally agree with them.

Also, I wanted to add that, in the case of a translator, as our job is mainly done in solitude, the shadow program doesn’t necessarily have to be performed in person.

For instance, Anne Connor and I held a phone conversation with Stephanie, a current student at Muhlenberg College, the day before she started her second stay in France. Her articulate questions about what our profession entails showed she was well on the way to make an informed decision.

To her and all the students at Lansdale Catholic High Scholl I wish the best in whatever career they choose.

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