Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service at Girard College.

This past Monday, January 19th, Global Citizen Philadelphia held its annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service at Girard College. The focus of this year’s King Day of Service was the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Various community and business leaders and active volunteers coordinated events and activities centered on promoting volunteer service and civic engagement. The Honorable Judge Ida Chen, one of the many community leaders present at the event, organized an information session with interpreters regarding voting rights and Election Day procedures.

With help from City Commissioner Al Schmidt and his staff, Judge Chen provided the attendees with vital information on Election Day services and originals of all official documents used on Election Day. Each document was distributed and reviewed during the program.

The Delaware Valley Translators Association, along with members and representatives from the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania, National Bar Association, Women Lawyers Division, and Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania, were present at the session.

The session topics included:

• Registering to Vote

• Provisional Ballots

• Alternative Ballots

• Absentee Ballots

• Finding the Correct Polling Place

• Identification Requirements for First-Time Voters in Their Division

• Obtaining Interpreter Certification from Office of the City Commissioners.

Commissioner Schmidt spoke about the responsibilities of the Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners to ensure fair and honest elections and the importance of increasing accessibility and effective outreach to non-native English speakers.

The program concluded with a demonstration of the opening and closing of polls using an electronic voting machine provided by the City Commissioners.

The Office of the City Commissioners provides certification to interpreters who are eligible to work on Election Day. For more information on working as an interpreter in the upcoming Primary election, contact:

Tim Dowling Acting Supervisor of Elections


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