The DVTA Summer Cocktail Networking Party was held on Wednesday, August 1, at the home of Board Member Maria Weir in Gladwyne, PA. It was decided to risk the announced 50 % probability of rain and make it an outdoor event. The decision paid off, as a scarce few drops did nothing to dampen the merriment of the 35 guests. Congregated in Maria’s beautiful garden and pool area guests busily exchanged cards and titbits of information related to the fields of interpreting and translation. The delicious munchies for the evening were catered by Wegmans’ and washed down with refreshing Sangrias and Margaritas. The event had been scheduled from 5:30pm until 7:30pm, however, the attendees were still making merry when this member left at 8:30pm, paying no heed to the flood alert that luckily didn’t happen! A big “thank you” goes to Wolfgang Gunther and Rudy Tellez for the photographs taken throughout the evening.

The networking event was preceded by a Board Meeting at 4:30 pm that was attended by Board members Anne Connor, Carlota Dalziel, Dorothy Evans, Maria Weir and Gabriela Jenicek, as well as DVTA President Tony Guerra.

The agenda for the meeting included the planning of proposed DVTA events to be held into February 2013. Venues and dates were considered. The anticipated upcoming programs include a full day seminar on CAT Tools to be presented by Rosalie Wells in the Fall, a follow up of the very successful seminar on Interpretation Technology held last June at the St.Davids Golf Club and presented by Todd Cassidy, and a Transcription Seminar to be presented by Jaime Fatas, pending confirmation of his availability and a suitable location. Possible dates were suggested for the DVTA Winter Party, with special consideration given to practical aspects such as accessibility to the venue as well as the availability of plenty of parking space. Gabi Jenicek informed members of an invitation for DVTA Board members to speak about our organization at the Philadelphia Family Court Building on October 2 at a meeting to be held for participants of the Philadelphia Court Shadowing Program. This ongoing and popular program gives new interpreters the chance to shadow experienced colleagues, thus learning the ropes of the profession hands-on.

Please check out the DVTA blog and see our website for registering for these upcoming events.


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