DVTA Patent Seminar and Social Networking Event, by Carlota Dalziel


The November 12 DVTA seminar and annual meeting held at the Best Western Hotel in Philadelphia was both sucessful and well attended. The morning was informative presentation on the subject of patents, and the afternoon got fired up on the subject of health! Stephanie Cash gave us an excellent hour-long presentation on ” Subversive Activities for Linguists: A different approach to exercise” that really got us thinking -and worrying- about our sedentary life as translators, sitting at our computers all day, or as interpreters, crashing at the end of a long day, with any form of exercise as the last thing on our minds. Stephanie challenged us: “How about another approach? What matters most of all: getting up off of your big fat chair!” (Mea culpa!!) Stephanie encouraged us to become more health conscious, while at the same time having fun! A variety of different activities were suggested. These included walking, old-fashioned calisthenics, running, swimming, different forms of dancing (including ballet for adults: never too late!), to name a few. Stephanie also included information on websites to check on availability of these activities in our area.There is a five page not-to-be-missed hand-out on the subject of how to achieve and keep vitality! Anne was our superb model for some of the recommended exercises, standing on a chair -most gracefully, I must say- in order to ensure visibility to our captive and enthralled audience, who joined in the fun as willing participants in the demonstration.

Anne Connor called the business meeting to order at 2.15 pm. All present were able to admire the DVTA’s eye-catching new website on the screen. A couple of our most recent activities were commented on such as our attendance at the Interbranch Commission for Gender, Racial and Ethnic Fairness meeting at the Bar Association in Philadelphia on September 15. Board members Anne Connor, Carlota Dalziel, Gabriela Jenicek, Maria Weir and Tony Guerra were present, as well as DVTA member Suzana Volquarts. One very interesting endeavor on the part of this commission is the formation of an Interpreter Services Committee that plans to expand interpreter services by improving the availability of interpreter and translation services in the Commonwealth’s courts and administrative agencies. The committee is also considering ways to assist the AOPC in training judicial personnel on Act 172 interpreter-services regulations passed in 2010. Anne also informed the audience of the board meeting held via Skype on September 26. Gabriela Jenicek was appointed to replace Caudia Krusch on the board. Tony Guerra agreed to replace Anne Connor as President after the meeting and Anne agreed to replace Tony as DVTA secretary. Our first Skype Board Meeting proved to be a very practical tool. Next, we had the reports by committee members, after which Anne invited the attendees to make suggestions that might lead to expanding the DVTA’s area of influence. Arnold Winter suggested putting together a panel of 4/5 people to come up with a “canned” presentation or script, similar to ATA’s Client Outreach Program, that could be offered to people who put on programs in the area, such as the Philadelphia Bar Institute, Local Chamber of Commerce, International Chamber of Commerce and others. Another member suggested advertising in business publications. Linda Pollack-Johnson suggested reaching out to a Doula organization since they often need medical interpreters.

The ATA Save-the-Date flyer on the mid-year conference for the interpreters and Spanish language division to be held in Orlando March 16-18, 2012, was handed out by Anne. All the attendees who had been there for the whole day left with 4 CE Points. The day also offered an excellent opportunity for networking, which I noticed was taken advantage by many. It turned out to be a very satisfactory event, with Anne at the helm of an excellent team.

Carlota Dalziel                                                                                                                           Federally Certified Spanish Court Interpreter and DVTA Board Member