DVTA Annual Luncheon Gala

Mansion at Cabrini College

Mansion at Cabrini College


You’re invited!

DVTA Annual Luncheon Gala – Sunday, March 22, 2015 from 12-3 PM

The Woodcrest Mansion at Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

The Mansion will once again provide a sophisticated Elizabethan Tudor backdrop for the DVTA Luncheon Gala. Join us for a unique networking event that will bolster your professional credibility. This time we intend to further facilitate interaction between members and guests. Wind your way through four chef-tended action stations, artfully created by the magic of Flavours by Sodexo:

*A Mexican Tapas Station with its Cochinita Pibil over white rice with pickled red onions and tortilla strips.
*A French Tapas Station with a delicious Salmon Niçoise Salad, spinach and Gruyere quiche.
*A Middle Eastern Action Station and its offering of humus pita with Israeli couscous salad.

All these enticing dishes you may wash down with your choice of wine or a variety of soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee.

In order to make this gourmet luncheon more affordable to our individual members, the following DVTA Corporate Members have graciously stepped forward for partial sponsorship: Accent Interpreting LLC; Cross Cultural Communications, the Hispanic Institute at La Salle University and Maga Voce Interpreter Education.












Date: Sunday, March 22, 2015         Time: 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM
Price: $40.00 (Tax & Gratuity included)

Questions?  Call Maria at 610-745-4919 or Carlota at (484) 437-2453

Annual DVTA Picnic Event by Carlota Dalziel


Once again, Appleford Estate in Villanova, PA welcomed DVTA members and their friends to our annual Summer event, held this year on August 14. The event is hosted by the Delaware Valley Translators and Interpreters Association to celebrate the season with good food, music and opportunities for networking. It effectively did all three!

Appleford is an idyllic place, with clear streams, stone walls, boxwood gardens and a wealth of blossoming trees and flower beds scattered over its 24 acres. The property is carefully maintained as an arboretum and a bird sanctuary. Parking was conveniently available on the grounds of the estate. Attendees were able to tour the mansion and admire the antique furniture collection and beautiful rooms, one of which had an imposing grand piano. The mansion is an example of early Pennsylvania farmhouse architecture that goes back more than 300 years. This outstanding backdrop never fails to captivate our guests.  

Attendees were welcomed upon arrival by members Chris Verduin and Carlota Dalziel. After taking their name tags, networking got under way. Los Taquitos de Puebla provided the luscious meal, which included chicken, mushrooms, potato and squash flower “quesadillas”, as well as deliciously fresh and tasty “tacos al pastor” made on site. Waiting in line for our turn to be served only increased the pleasure of anticipation, while offering further opportunity for networking! The magnificent performance of the renowned Trio Crisol must be underlined. Back by popular demand, the group delighted all with their rendition of Latin-American music delivered with energy and brio. 

DVTA President Tony Guerra gave a short welcome speech and outlined the upcoming events, two of which are to be a three-day seminar on conference interpreting in September by Alfonso Villaseñor (http://blog.dvta.org/event/conference-interpretation-workshop/) and the ATA Annual Conference in November (http://atanet.org/conf/2014/).  DVTA is the local ATA chapter. Tony also announced the upcoming DVTA elections and informed guests on the board positions to be filled. Interested parties were invited to consider running for the vacant posts. 

DVTA did an excellent job at planning this successful event, which grows in guest numbers every year. The organizing committee was efficiently headed by Maria Weir, DVTA Events Chair, assisted by Carlota Dalziel. Secretary Anne Connor was in charge of registrations and of keeping the waiting list (guest numbers were capped at 100), while member Dorothy Evans was in charge of publicity. The event wound up around 8 pm. The next one should be every bit as good!

Serious and Silly poses from our DVTA colleagues

Serious and Silly poses from our DVTA colleagues


Setup for Los Taquitos de Puebla

Setup for Los Taquitos de Puebla

Violinist from El Trio Crisol

Violinist from El Trio Crisol

Percussionist from El Trio Crisol

Percussionist from El Trio Crisol

Guitarist and lead singer of El Trio Crisol

Guitarist and lead singer of El Trio Crisol

Colleagues enjoying the picnic

Colleagues enjoying the picnic

Picnickers enjoying the good weather while it lasted!

Picnickers enjoying the good weather while it lasted!

Funny Fridays



by Carmen Ferreiro




‘Eddie Izzard is Bringing You Multilingual Comedy’ was the title of an article in the Philadelphian newspaper Metro last week.

Eddie Izzard is a British comedian, but I don’t think he meant it as a joke when he claimed that he can speak Spanish after three weeks.

For me, and I believe for anybody who has struggled to learn another language, the following interchange is ridiculously hilarious.

Happy Friday!

Q. Which languages are you doing stand-up in?
A. I’m about 40 percent fluent in German now. I started learning Spanish two weeks ago, went to Madrid and did seven lessons in seven days, three hours a day. And then I was putting in stand-up each night, so I was increasing it. Tonight in Los Angeles, I will do 60 minutes in English and 15 minutes in Spanish as an encore.So I invited people to come that are bilingual. It will be fascinating to see that. Once I can get the Spanish to about an hour, hour and 15 minutes, I can tour down in all of South America. That will be fantastic.

If you don’t believe it’s for real, check the whole article at: http://www.metro.us/philadelphia/entertainment/going-out/2014/04/30/eddie-izzard-bringing-multilingual-comedy/


The Nuremberg Trials: Where Interpretation was Born

DSCN9384 web largeThe Nuremberg trials are a historical landmark. For the first time ever, the leaders of a defeated nation were brought to justice in front of a jury. Instead of being summarily executed, they were allowed a voice to defend the acts they had committed during war time.

The Nazi leaders brought to trial, and probably their attorneys, spoke only German. The jury members from the Allies (the nations fighting against Germany and its Axis) spoke English, French or Russian.

Out of this unique circumstance, the interpretation profession as we know it today was born.DSCN9386 web large

That is why for us, translators and interpreters, listening to Dr. George Sakheim’s personal account of his participation, as a German-English interpreter, at the Nuremberg trials is such a rewarding, humbling and inspirational experience.

If you missed it last October, you can watch the video recorded by our fellow member Rudy Tellez by clicking here: Dr. George Sakheim’s The Nuremberg Trials.

After you do, don’t forget to post a link to this post in your Facebook or twitter accounts.

You can read Vicki Hain Poorman’s post on this event here:



Winter Luncheon 2014







Despite the possibility of snow and the certitude of a difficult drive due to those dreadful pot holes on the roads, over 100 people attended the Winter DVTA luncheon on Sunday March 9 at the Woodcrest Mansion (Cabrini College).

After a brief introduction by our President, Tony Guerra, the event sponsor, Frederick Marx from capiche, gave us his vision for the Mobile Interpreting Platform his company offers. Then Maria Weir, Anne V.B. Connor and Carlotta Dalziel, briefly but clearly, summarized the events organized by the DVTA the previous year and gave us an advance of the upcoming workshops and activities.

I will only mention two here:

You can see many more by visiting our calendar page.

As I expected I had the pleasure of talking with colleagues of old or new acquaintance and enjoying a French Theme buffet and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance by RoomMagdaliz and Her Latin Ensemble Crisol.

Their songs sent me back to another time, another world, and for a too short while I forgot the cold and the snow waiting outside.

Thank you so much to the organizers for all their hard work!