January Networking – My first DVTA event and certainly not my last!

This kind of event puts into practice the promise of a local professional organization like DVTA: I got to catch up on chapter happenings, hear some amazing stories from the life of a fellow member (and a beautiful aria!), and chat with colleagues over delicious hors d’oeuvres. As a long-time member of the ATA, I was already sold on the value of professional organizations in general, but I was starting to feel a need to find people with whom I had not only industry but also geography in common. The event last Sunday served as a warm welcome into the chapter, convincing me that I had found the connections I was looking for.

Full disclosure: almost exactly a week before the DVTA New Year Networking Event I was pulling up to my new home in the Philly area in a moving truck packed to the brim. I grew up nearby and was finally coming back after a few years in Ohio, with grand plans of putting down roots and getting to know my local community, both socially and professionally. It was with these grand plans in mind that by the time I was pulling up in that truck I had already signed up for DVTA membership and RSVP’d to the Networking Event so I was glad that I attended despite the chaos of moving to a new home.

I look forward to opportunities to get involved with DVTA in the future, and to meet more of the wonderful translators and interpreters of the Greater Philadelphia area!

About the author:
Eugenia Tietz-Sokolskaya is an ATA-certified Russian>English translator specializing in legal and financial translation from Russian and French into English. She has an MA in translation from Kent State University and works as a full-time freelance translator. She is a co-administrator of the online certification exam practice group for ATA’s Slavic Languages Division, and the SLD’s Assistant Administrator.

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