DVTA Summer Picnic – Networking doesn’t get much better than this

Picnic Pictures

Written by Michelle Caldwell

Thursday, August 27 – Appleford Estate

At the beautiful Appleford Estate, the Delaware Valley Translators Association held its annual summer gathering at the end of August.  As is common at these events, translators, interpreters and agencies from throughout the region came together for food, conversation and networking opportunities.  With the gentle whisper of a waterfall and the soft breeze throughout the gardens, the night was filled with laughter and community.

Several corporate sponsors spoke at the event.  After introductions from Director Maria Weir and President Antonio Guerra, representatives from Language Service Associates, Magna Legal Services and Language Liaisons introduced themselves and encouraged professionals to seek them out.  It was encouraging to talk with yet more agencies who are looking for the expertise offered by the DVTA.

Members of the DVTA were also urged to modernize their profiles on the newly updated website, www.dvta.org.  Many improvements have been made to the site and it’s prudent to ensure that the professional contact information found there is up to date.  In a field that is projected to grow by 46% between 2012 – 2022, let’s take advantage of all the publicity that we can!

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