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Date:      August 3 and 4, 2013

Cost:       $300.00

Venue:    La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA


The two-day, language neutral, Consecutive Interpretation Strategies Boot Camp is a workshop ideal for candidates who are preparing for the NCSC oral certification exam*; for those seeking opportunities to hone their consecutive interpretation skills and strategies; and for those pursuing continuing education credits.


The goal of the sessions is to provide the participant the tools necessary to objectively assess his/her consecutive interpreting performance.  This objective analysis will, in turn, allow participant to identify the problem areas hindering his/her performance.  The participant should leave the session with some of the strategies necessary to have less random and more criteria-driven independent practice.

This workshop has been approved for 12 CEUs by the Pennsylvania and Delaware AOC.





Date:         September 14 and 21, 2013   9:00 am – 4:00 pm each day.

Cost:          $ 300.00

Venue:      La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA


Note-taking is an important skill for court interpreters as they perform their daily work.  Efficient note-taking can help the interpreter preserve what was said.  Conversely, notes taken randomly and without criteria can hinder interpreter’s performance.

The most frequent questions arising when tackling note-taking are what to note, how and how much to note while managing the tasks of listening, analyzing the incoming speech and producing speech.

The goal of the two-day, language neutral, NOTE-TAKING 101 workshop is to give the participant the necessary tools to develop solid note-taking skills on which to build with practice and experience.

This workshop has been approved for 12 CEUs by the Pennsylvania and Delaware AOC.


Catalina J. Natalini, MA Linguistics; State Certified Court Interpreter; Associate Lecturer La Salle University.

Maria Perez-Chambers, Federal and State Certified Court Interpreter.

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