ATA follow up: DVTA presence at the ATA conference in Boston, by DVTA President Anne Connor

The DVTA Banner loomed as large as life as I walked into the Mariott Copley Place after coming off the MBTA “T” train on Wednesday afternoon, October 26.  Board member Stephanie Strobel had set up the banner that morning and deftly arranged the handouts to be displayed at our chapter table throughout the conference.  The banner, and our color-coordinated brochures looked stunning, thanks to the pro-bono design services contributed by another board member’s husband, Tony Weir, and it really stood out above the crowd of other chapter and group tables.

After checking in at the ATA Registration, I pored over the geographic listing of attendees and counted about 60 people from the Delaware Valley, most of them members of the DVTA.  I also thought that we had great representation among the hundreds of people that were presenting workshops from all over the world. For instance, there were several presenters from our area, including: Stephanie Cash,  Judge Ida Chen, Terence Coe, Janet Fasy, Rainer Klett, Maria Rosdolsky, Matthew Schlecht, Jiri Stejskal, Stephanie Strobel and Suzana Volquarts.

In other “local guy goes national” news, congratulations are in order for DVTA Secretary Tony Guerra, who was voted the Assistant Administrator of ATA’s Medical Division.  Tony is the latest in a line of DVTA members who currently hold or have held positions in our national organization, such as Maria Weir (current Interpreters Division Assistant Administrator), Gerardo Konig (former Spanish Division Administrator), Helge Gunther (former German Language Division Administrator), Lourdes Norton (former Portuguese Language Division Administrator), Jiri Stejskal (former ATA President and current FIT Vice-President) and others whom I’m sure I have neglected to mention.

The DVTA table was a common meeting area between sessions for our members, who took turns sitting at the table to answer the questions of passers-by.  Natalia Petrova’s teenage daughter Katie even took a few shifts at the table, encouraging people from the Mid-Atlantic States to come to Philly for our November 12 morning patent seminar (the registration deadline for which is this Friday, November 4) and handing out membership applications.  Thanks to all who helped to spread the word about DVTA during the conference!

There were so many interesting sessions given in Boston that it was hard for me to choose which to attend, especially when there were several going on at the same time. I’ve ordered the conference DVD so that I can catch the sessions that I missed and get ideas for future presenters to the DVTA.  I look forward to hearing a recap of our favorite sessions at our annual business meeting the afternoon of the 12th.

Until then…best regards/Anne